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By | February 12, 2020
Deep Freeze Enterprise Cracked

Deep Freeze Enterprise is a software made by a software company called Faronics. This software is available for the Linux operating system SUSE, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. This software function is used to freeze partitions on the hard disk. When booting, the frozen program or data will be safe. If the computer receives a virus file, but in a boot condition, the file can be deleted by resetting. For example, if you freeze a partition containing a program in the C folder, then the virus enters and damages the application programs on the system so that the application cannot open. After the computer restarts, this application restores other Windows software settings to return to its previous state quickly. 

The attached virus file will disappear when the reset is complete while frozen files or folders will be intact. Freeze Program can even be an anti-virus, but having to be careful doesn’t mean it can replace it. Because it could be deleted files or data when resetting again because it is outside the freeze. This depends on the user when choosing the partition to freeze.

How to Install Deep Freeze Enterprise

  • Download the Full Version of Deep Freeze Enterprise v8.60.
  • Extract using the latest Winrar.
  • Extract the Keygen file too.
  • Then install Deep Freeze.
  • When the installation process a requested for a code, please enter the Keygen folder and run the keygen file.
  • Then click the create button on the keygen and copy the code contained in the keygen into the Deep Freeze installation process.

Done Features Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.60:

  • Windows 10: Windows Update Cache Drive Letter
  • Windows 10: Feature Update Support
  • Recovery Improvements
  • Exclude System Drive from Deep Freeze Protection
  • Full Support for NVMe Drives
  • Support for iSCSI Drives
  • Boot Control Window

Deep Freeze Enterprise | File Size: 58 MB

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