Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 5.60.1 Build 11463

By | March 1, 2020

Download Hard Disk Sentinel ProA software used to monitor SSD and HDD conditions on a computer or laptop. The main purpose of this Hard Disk Sentinel application is to search, diagnose and repair all the problems that occur on the hard disk and ssd. Starting from considering the condition of the disk to find the problems that are happening.

To be able to deal with internal hard disk problems, this program can also be anticipated for external hard drives. Where later, this software works by preventing HDD failer and data loss that occurs when the disk experiences serious problems. That way, you can feel the security of the data stored. This latest Hard Disk Sentinel can also overcome the problem of data suddenly lost due to malware too guys. Cool? Download the latest Hard Disk Sentinel for free now.

Feature :

  • Displays the total disk space and drive space plus space
  • Displays details and details of the hard drive, such as type and model
  • Supports various external and USB memory and hard disk drives
  • Solve problems and solve hard drive problems
  • Ability to report software monitoring functionality
  • Notify alerts if there are problems that might occur
  • The ability to shut down the system when the hard disk has a problem

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 5.60.1 Build 11463 | File Size: 33  MB

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