J River Media Center 26.0.30

By | March 1, 2020

Download J River Media Center Jriver Media Center Full is an all in one multimedia application that you can use to view images, edit images, play music, watch movies or videos, and also create your own playlists that contain your favorite songs. In addition, by using this application, you can also easily burn audio or video files to CD or DVD. Jriver Media Center Full is truly an all-in-one media software that is very complete and is supported by various interesting features that will surely make you feel satisfied.

All you have to do is install Jriver Media Center Full onto your computer, so you don’t need to install other applications which will certainly only add to your PC’s burden. Here we share the Jriver Media Center software complete with the crack, so you will get the Jriver Media Center Full Version for free and please enjoy all the premium features of the most complete media application on this one.

Features of J.River Media Center

  • View all popular image formats
  • The ability to manage and edit photos
  • Supports most popular formats for music and movies
  • The ability to create a personal playlist of favorite songs
  • Copy the files of music, movies and photos from CDs and DVDs on your PC
  • Burn in a single software environment with the drag and drop function arbitrary files
  • Search and download any audio and video files from sites such as Google and YouTube, etc. without having to exit the application environment
  • To view images in slideshow mode, and to play your favorite song
  • Actoin window to quickly perform actions such as Wright
  • Support the tool with Remote Control
  • Automatic review of all contents of the folder to folder and log into the software
  • Capacity of two-dimensional and three-dimensional effects to play when playing music
  • To connect to a TV and other Dastgah like most cameras and mp3player and …
  • Capacity of recording TV programs and review them again via software
  • Internal database where information such as song title and there are editable by the user
  • Labler CD software together to design CD covers and labels
  • Ability to add different skins and software application plug-ins through the company website

J River Media Center 26.0.30 32 Bit | File Size: 38 MB

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J River Media Center 26.0.30 64 Bit | File Size: 39 MB

Download Link :


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