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By | February 27, 2020
Download MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum

VEGAS Movie Studio 15 makes it possible for you to combine several of your photographic images to create a movie file. You can put your pictures together and add music, and you can add movie files too to make small variations. You can add audio and edit audio that is already in your movie. The editor gives you a timeline in the same way as many movie editors give you a frame-by-frame time frame, and you can add pictures / film-files the same way as you add video clips to the movie editor. You decide how long the picture or movie clip stays on the screen, and you decide what audio tracks play when each image appears, remains, and disappears.

The multimedia movies that you make can be produced up to 4K with high resolution, and you can cut your frame-by-frame films as if they were also photographic images. There are many special effects, which include different transitions to get from one scene to the next. You can add audio files, you can edit audio that is already in the film, and you can create your soundtrack from scratch with their sound-studio (music maker) functions. 

Suitable for Fans and People Who Want Fast Results

The program, created by MAGIX, was built for people who want fast results with extensive completion of their movie files where more in-depth editing and photo shopping are not needed. This is also for people who want to make slideshows that feature pictures and clips of their favorite films. Thanks to its compatibility with NVIDIA graphics cards, you don’t need a high-end computer to produce quick results.

Features of MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum

  • Multi cam editing
  • Image stabilization
  • Create DVDs
  • Timeline 
  • Audio & Video FX
  • Video footage
  • Combine Camera

MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum | File Size: 1 GB

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