MiniTool Partition Wizard Full 11.6

By | February 13, 2020
MiniTool Partition Wizard Full 11.6 Cracked


Minitool Partition Wizard is a professional and powerful partition tool. It created to maximize disk usage and protecting your private data. Many excellent features offered by this product which support the best partition experience of any device. It has a friendly interface which enables to resize the hard disk partitions, creating a partition, remove hard disk partition, converting, explore, hide, and edit some letter drive, and set to activate the partial partitions.

Minitool Partition Wizard compatible with 32/64-bit Windows Operating System such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, and windows vista which can rapidly exploit the partition hopeless by Windows Update, Segmentation Array Change, Unjust excision, and virus attempt.  Minitool Partition Wizard also enables the user to safely convert and grouping plow from MBR to GPT without any collection going to keep UEFI excitement.

In a free version Minitool Partition Wizard, you can freely download basic features such as create the partition, delete, wipe, copy, clone disk, and so on. However, it can recover only 1 Gigabyte data while you can enjoy until 3 TB in the paid version. Then, it may not allow you to enjoy some features.

Hence, you still allow to enjoying some feature in free version such as supporting RAID, and Partition disk size for more than 2 TB. You will also enjoy a copy disk to protect or transferring data and convert the partition format from FAT to NTFS. Moreover, you can directly copy all hard disk without reinstalling the Windows. Before saving, you have to see the changes partition result.

By installing this software, you can enjoy some excellent features freely, such as:

  • Resize the partition
  • Convert disk partition table
  • Change file system
  • Recover Partition and Rebuilt MBR
  • Align Partition
  • Free basic disk partition management. 
  • Change serial ID

MiniTool Partition Wizard Full 11.6 | File Size: 73 MB

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