Pichon for Windows

By | February 16, 2020
Pichon for Windows

Pichon for windows is one of the software that provides an easy way for people to use many icons easily. This software gives you references to choose all icons from some categories such as Android, Ios, Windows, etc. Each of them can be able on the online or offline website. The various icons which provided can use in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Visual Studio, Illustrator, and the other software to make your work is better. If you are interested in Design, this software is beneficial for you. However, this software may help all of the icons on the hard drive. This saved in any size, format, and color. You can also choose any size, composition, and color as far as you want. You can organize the icon size before drag it to Adobe Illustrator. 

Also, this software is very suitable for people who need some icons on your project because you can search and easily insert them into your project. It will give your design sleek-looking interface and also modern. Nevertheless, you can install Pichon quickly to complete the process. Pichon for Windows also can works on all Windows systems without need too much memory. It presents various range of icons on a simple user interface that helps you browse many categories which listed on the left side of classes. If you want to use some icons, you can search it by name and then, this software lets you filter the collection to show icons with specific sizes and format. You can click and drag the icon that you want and put it on your desktop to save it.

In the list below, there are Seven Features of Pichon for Windows:

  • Recoloring Icon
  • Has a Single Style
  • Fonts Generator
  • Mac & Win Apps
  • HTML Embedding
  • Can pick any color, format, and size
  • The vectors are editable

Pichon for Windows | File Size: 95 MB

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