Ratiborus KMS Tools 2019

By | February 10, 2020
Ratiborus KMS Tools 2019

Ratiborus KMS Tools is the best activator application. The activator in question is activating another form so that it can use the features in it as a whole. Applications that can be activated by Ratiborus KMS Tools are Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 which installed on a laptop or PC. If Windows is not genuine or is still in testing, Windows must be activated using the Ratiborus KMS Tools program. For activators, it can be adjusted to the desires and uses.

Another function of Ratiborus KMS Tools is that it can be used to activate Microsoft Office, which is still in trial. During this trial, we had limitations in using its features. As we know, Microsoft Office is one of the essential programs that must be on a laptop or computer. If we only have a trial version, then we can only use this application for 1 month. But if you use the Ratiborus KMS Tools program to activate the program, then you can use all services from Microsoft Office for as long as you want for free. you who don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy a Windows serial key. If you are looking for an activator but it is difficult to find a suitable one, Ratiborus KMS Tools is the right software for you.

Hot to Install:

  • Download Ratiborus KMS Tools
  • Must! Turn off, Antivirus!
  • Must! Turn off the internet connection!
  • Extract File
  • Run “Ratiborus KMS Tools.exe” in “Run as Administrator” mode
  • Then select “KMS AutoNet” (2nd choice)
  • Select “Activation.”
  • Select “Activate Windows” if you want Office Activation. 
  • Select “Active Office.”
  • It’s done! 

Programs included in Ratiborus KMS Tools 2019

  1. AAct
  2. AAct Network
  3. Garbage Collector
  4. KMSAuto Lite Portable
  5. KMSAuto Net Portable
  6. KMSCleaner Portable
  7. KMSAuto++ Activator

Ratiborus KMS Tools 2019 | File Size: 20 MB

Download Link :


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