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By | February 26, 2020
Download Stardock Start10 1.80

Stardock Start 10 is a beneficial application that can change the start menu on Windows 10 to become like Windows 7 style. It is nearly identical to Windows 7, so if you miss the search interface and all programs view, Stardock Start 10 is appropriate for you. It has access quickly, search for your laptop more effectively and identify the behavior of your Start menu. With a start 10, you can activate a Modern design and use the configuration tool to make it better. 

Stardock Start 10 also considered as a popular trial version program only accessible for Windows. That is part of the Productivity Software category with subcategory Cataloging and has manufactured by Stardock Corporation. This software has reached 6,738 downloads since it first added to the catalog in 2015. Stardock Start 10 is only accessible for users who have Windows 8.1. It offers you whether you want to use English or Spanish as the language program when you download it. Likewise, it is a program that requires less free space than most software in the Productivity software section. Stardock Start 10 mostly used in the United States, Indonesia, and France. If you are a Fences user, this software is integrated fully with the application. So you will be able to organize your favorite program in the Start menu easily without minimizing the windows.

The features of Stardock Start 10:

  • Replace
  • Filter searches 
  • Quick Access
  • Stylize
  • Customizable
  • Screenshots
  • Texture

Shortly, Stardock Start 10 is a software that provides users with a functional Windows 7 style start menu for Windows 10. It can add a new or classic style start menu to the Windows 10 platform. Moreover, it has an incorporated search feature for apps, files, and settings. Over and above, it has custom skin that offered for the start button.

Stardock Start10 1.80 | File Size: 35 MB

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